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BelleMa Launches Model Effective Pro with IDC™, the First in the USA

  • May 23, 2018, 12:41 p.m.
  • BelleMa

BelleMa announced its commitment to support the World Health Organization International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes), also known as the International Code, after its participation on the ILCA® Conference in Chicago last July. The International Code was developed in 1981 by the General Assembly of the World Health Organization primarily to protect mothers and babies from the highly effective, aggressive and predatory marketing of substitutes for breastfeeding at the most vulnerable period of their lives – the birth of a new baby. “The ILCA® Conference has been an ‘eye-opener”, says Sr. National Sales Manager Mercy Ting Barland. “Learning more and more from these breastfeeding professionals about the devastating effects of milk formula and bottle marketing is heart breaking.” she added. Kai He, BelleMa’s U.S. Managing Director, upon learning what the WHO International Code stands for and how it was aligned to BelleMa’s advocacy, did not take things lightly. BelleMa will revise all product packaging, brochures and marketing materials to comply with the International Code. He also took a big step by announcing his desire to change the existing BelleMa website completely into one that will magnify the global breastfeeding voice. 

The highlight of the Conference evolved around BelleMa Model Effective Pro with IDC™. This is the first breast pump to be launched in the United States with Independent Dual Controls™ for the Left and Right Suctions with 9 adjustable levels. Designed with a barrier between the motor and the collection kits which is highly safe from molding and contamination, this model has raised high interests from lactation consultants. It is distinct from other breast pumps in the market because there is no suction reduction even if both pumps are used simultaneously. Michelle Lee, an IBCLC commented: “I have many clients that have one nipple sore than the other. Instead of pumping one breast at a time, they can now pump both breasts at the same time with different suction level from each breast. This will minimize their pumping time session. I just know my ‘mothers’ would love this function!” Ms. Natalie Worthington of Nourish LC, an IBCLC and an LLLI Leader (La Leche League) emailed Mercy and said: “I'm excited to be able to share this new breast pump to my clients! I'm also a La Leche League leader and work as an IBCLC at a local hospital, so I can really spread the word.”

Model Effective Pro with IDC™ will be shown at the ABC Kids Expo, October 18-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall/Booth No. 1519. This model will have a Retail Value of $199.99 which is 50% lower than other closed system breast pumps. For more information regarding BelleMa breast pumps, visit http://www.bellema-usa.com

BelleMa believes that one of the most important moments in becoming a mother is when she breastfeeds. The Company will continue its marketing efforts in the support and dedication to the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and be a part of these precious moments by providing not just a product but a solution to the world of breastfeeding.