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Bellema Launches Models of Closed System Breast Pumps in the USA Market

  • May 23, 2018, 12:23 p.m.
  • BelleMa

Bellema, after years of research and product development, launches FDA Models on Closed System and Anti-Backflow Breast Pumps addressing common breastfeeding challenges of working mothers. Bellema's Model: Professional Care Effective brings milk expression to the 'heights' with its adjustable Left and Right Pump controls.

Mr Kai He, Bellema's Managing Director, launches four models in the premium breastfeeding pump space and is supported by aggressive pricing only a large manufacturer can do. “The Bellema Professional Care Effective Model is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ exclusive,” Kai says. "For working mothers, Bellema Breast Pump...there is no other!” he added. Bellema introduces Closed System Breast Pumps with individual Left and Right Pump Control which allows simultaneous pumping without suction power reduction. Breast pumps with high level of mechanical noise is a common complaint by breastfeeding mothers which was pointed out at the MIT Media Lab in 2014. The Professional Care Effective Model is designed to provide a more 'quiet' milk expression. 

Mercy Ting Barland, who joined Bellema in March 2016, has already established a few national online retail distributions in a matter of months. Bellema brand breast pumps will soon be available for purchase from the following online stores: BuybuyBaby, Sears, Target and Walmart. Healthcare Distribution has also been in the works. Mothers can now purchase Bellema through the following DME Channels: WestPrime Medical and Advanced Home Medical in Southern California, AllMed Oregon, Safeway Medical in Texas, Baby’s Sweet Beginnings and The Breastfeeding Shop on the East Coast region. On Mercy’s recent East Coast Trip, Lancaster New York, Baby’s Sweet Beginnings Owner, Polly Thoman, IBCLC, RLC tested the Model Professional Care Effective versus a leading brand. She was amazed on how efficient the Bellema Effective Care Double can be, pumping double with no suction reduction. Polly stated: “Pumps can even be controlled separately, I have not seen anything like this in the market.” “Obviously, we've got work to do yet things don’t happen overnight”, says Mercy. “But unlike other factories whom I have worked with in the past years, Bellema is way different. I personally believe that ‘Product is all!’,Bellema has this and we are ready.” Mercy added. 

Bellema’s brand positioning is to be a marquee player delivering viable solutions for mothers’ comfort and efficiency in the premium space within the North American market. The Company's mission is to provide Mothers the 'Bellema Experience' through breast pump products with utmost efficiency and comfort, the least noise distraction and highly safe from any contamination. Bellema breast pumps are available now through amazon.com and some Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Distributors. Bellema also announces its participation on the ABC Kids Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center coming up on October 18-21, 2016. 

BELLEMA’S VALUE PROPOSITION STATEMENT: “For Working or Stay-Home Moms whose desire is to pump successfully in the least amount of time, Bellema breast pumps are by far the only closed-system electric breast pump in the market which allows double pumping without suction power with a Left and Right independent pump providing ease and comfort in milk expression.”


The Company behind Bellema is a publicly traded manufacturer in China who pioneered the R&D and manufacture of electric breast pumps in China back in 1997. They own several proprietary intellectual rights and 17 national patents in the development of all their baby products. The Factory brand is also the No.1 brand in China on maternal and baby products, with 85% brand market share and monopolizing the Industrial and Commercial Hospital Grade Breast Pumps in China. The passion to enhance a mothers’ breastfeeding experience and a desire to educate that nutrition starts from infancy, have driven the Factory to establish operations in North America.