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BelleMa Effective Pro with IDC™ is Becoming the Favorite of California Working Mothers

  • May 23, 2018, 12:20 p.m.
  • BelleMa

Junbo Chen, Bellema’s Chairman and Founder announced today of his desire into continuing strong investments towards the Factory’s Research & Development (R&D) of more effective breast pump models as the Effective Pro breast pump becomes the favorite of most working mothers. Junbo Chen, the CEO of Guangdong Horigen Baby Products and Bellema USA further announced that two more models on closed system breast pumps, one of which is a multi-user will be launched before the third quarter of this year. Bellema USA has aggressively pursued active marketing campaigns nationwide for its Effective Pro with IDC™ (Independent Dual Control®). 

“It has been a comprehensive journey for our Sales and Marketing Team as they hop from one hospital to another meeting with breastfeeding specialists and talking about the benefits of the Effective Pro Breast Pump for the mothers,” says Mr. Chen. 

The rise of the popularity of Effective Pro in California can also be credited to the efforts of Kathleen Huggins, owner of Simply Mama. She has been aggressively marketing and promoting this breast pump model to all California WIC Agencies. At the 25th Annual WIC Conference in San Diego, Kathleen Huggins was all-time energized as she presented how WIC mothers can avail of the BelleMa Effective Pro with IDC™ Breast Pump under the Simply Mama Program. Simply Mama, located in San Luis Obispo is one of BelleMa’s distribution partners for Effective Pro providing to Medical and Medical managed care plan patients. Kathleen was also the author of the bestselling book, “The Nursing Mother’s Companion”, now on its 7th Edition. Bellema’s plan is to partner with more HME Distributors to broaden the network of mothers using the Effective Pro. Other DME Distributors providing the Effective Pro are: Growing with Baby in San Luis Obispo, 5Medical in Fresno, and Women’s Health Boutique in Texas. 

BelleMa announces its participation as an Exhibitor of the United States Lactation Consultant Association Conference (USLCA) in San Antonio, TX this coming May 4-6. Furthermore, BelleMa is glad to announce its second year of attendance with the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA®) Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada July 19-21, 2017. At this Conference, Bellema will be launching the Effective Pro in Canada with the Health Canada license, which is currently in process. 

Imelda Chacon, BelleMa’s PR Manager expressed: “There is no other way to introduce a new breast pump brand but to show them to the Experts”, and she added: “working with these IBCLC’s and getting involved with breastfeeding coalitions have been very exciting, challenging yet very much worthwhile and fulfilling!” 

More and more Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) facilities in California have been using this model at their NICU Department. Bellema expresses its desire to continue its support to the WHO International Code of Marketing Breast milk by ensuring its compliance.

The US Company actively supports breastfeeding coalitions such as the South Coast Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition, the Live, Latch, Love Coalition of Henry County in Georgia, Breastfeed LA and many other local breastfeeding coalitions. BelleMa believes that every mother must be encouraged to breastfeed as this is the best food for babies. Bellema furthermore advocates that an effective breast pump plays a big role in a mother’s breastfeeding success. 

Sandra Hathaway, RN, IBCLC of Hollywood Presbyterian (a BFHI Facility) who was given a sample of the Effective Pro shared this comment: “I have a patient who had twins and she was using a breast pump from her insurance but can never get milk out from her breast. I gave her the BelleMa Effective Pro and that was the only breast pump that can successfully drain her breast!”

Part of Bellema’s 2017 strategy is to position the brand in significant and appropriate market segments. “We know the size of the market, yet the market does not know BelleMa yet,” says Kai He BelleMa’s US Managing Partner. “We are very patient. We know that we are offering a solution and not just a mere product,” Kai added. 

According to global studies, breast pump market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% over the period 2016-2024. Key drivers are the active investments of governments and breastfeeding organizations on various strategies on all market segments, offering innovative and cost effective solutions for breastfeeding. Most of the women nowadays have more awareness in the importance of breastfeeding and have balanced priorities which play a major impact on the dynamics of the breast pump industry, along with the exponentially increasing birth rates propelling the breast pump demand, thus driving industry trends. 

BelleMa will build on its success in increasing customer satisfaction realizing the benefits of using the Effective Pro. Over the past months BelleMa has been sending evaluation samples to Lactation Consultants, WIC Agencies and hospitals. An increased order momentum on this model has been seen on both the consumer and healthcare business segments. This momentum will be maintained and will be further enhanced by improving on the Bellema website design allowing a more responsive portal for the distribution partners and the end-users. The new website will be able to direct mothers how they can avail of the Effective Pro through their insurance, a Lactation Consultant Page and the ability for mothers to access and download all user manuals and troubleshooting videos for all BelleMa breast pumps. With joint efforts from the China and the USA Team, BelleMa plans to grow ahead of the market by increasing its penetration, more product innovation and growth through expansion.