BelleMa S3 Hospital Grade Effective Double Electric Breast Pump with IDC &trade Technology

BelleMa S3 Breast Pump, Closed System Double Electric Breast Pump, the breast pump in the market that has a separate suction control on left and right pumps.

  • Highly Efficient Closed Pump System
  • With LCD screen display for real time visual status
  • Anti-Backflow Design Flange to prevent milk backflow
  • Highly safe from contamination.
  • Suction Power up to 250mmHg, even if both L/R are used simultaneously
  • Dual Phase Pumping Mode: Stimulation and Expression
  • Quiet System in the stimulation and expression mode conversion
  • 3 Methods of Pumping: Dual, Left Only or Right Only
  • Unique Independent Control for Left or Right Pumping
  • No Suction Power Reduction even when both pumps are being used
  • Specially designed Pumping Rhythm which models after a baby’s sucking behavior.
  • Cushioned Breast Shield for a nurturing experience
  • Compatible with other standard bottles with the use of the adaptor included
  • Memory Feature that remembers setting preferences
  • USB Charging Capability (Output: 6V 2A only), Charger not included
  • Dainty and Easy to Carry
  • 9 adjustable levels up to 250mmHg
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean
  • FDA Approved/BPA-Free
  • Comes with Wide-necked bottle with standard bottle converter
  • Starter Kit, comes with all necessary pumping accessories

How to Disassemble & Assemble BelleMa Effective Pro Double Breast Pump

Manual For S3[ DOWNLOAD ]